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Get Up and Show!

Recorded at PostModern Studios Way up inna a Mile High Style!  We have a new session, with New Music and a Classic tune from the late, great Michael Prophet.  This episode goes out to all the youth around the world, who everyday, Get Up and Show.

  1. Help the Weak Single– Help the Weak (feat. Capleton) - Chronixx
  2. Unconquerebel - Rock It Ina Dance - Hempress Sativa
  3. Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa in Dub - Rock It Ina Dub – Scientist & Hempress Sativa
  4. Stone Riddim - While My Life Improve (feat. Weedy G Soundforce) – Junior X
  5. Stone Riddim – Stronger (feat. Weedy G Soundforce) - Melloquence
  6. Stone Riddim – Movers and Shakers (feat. Weedy G Soundforce) - Deep Jahi
  7. Stone Riddim – Jah the Ruler (feat. Weedy G Soundforce) – Burro Banton
  8. Stone Riddim – Stone (feat. Weedy G Soundforce) – Prince Alla
  9. Haul and Pull Up - Single – Haul and Pull Up – Luciano
  10. Haul and Pull Up - Single – Haul and Pull Up (Dub Version) - Luciano
  11. Get Up and Show – Family Not Friend (Umberto Echo Dubmix) – Iba Mahr
  12. Get Up and Show – Family Not Friend - Iba Mahr
  13. Haunted - EP - Haunted - Tarrus Riley
  14. Burning Sounds Sampler Burning Up - 2000 Years - Michael Prophet
  15. Vessel of Love - Together - Hollie Cook
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